Zion Hiking Adventure Elopement

zion Hiking Adventure elopement photo + video

That’s right, we are bringing you more adventures from the desert with a Zion hiking adventure elopement + engagement session! We spent some time in Utah + Arizona meeting new couples and planning their epic elopements (stay tuned for their galleries), but we also spent some time creating! We loved capturing awesome couples against the desert red rocks.

If you checked out our Cathedral Rock Bridal Adventure Session in Sedona, you know that we partnered with an incredible dress designer, Mackenzie, of Topaz & Thread. She wanted a variety of content for one of her gowns, and we were thrilled to work with her! This dress is called Jenessa, and her gowns are adjustable sizes 2-18. She also makes custom orders, and is overall a gem to work with! We loved collaborating with her!

This couple recently got engaged (yay!), so we did a two part session with them. They were so full of laughter and sweet love for each other. Sunset was a perfect time to get that gorgeous, golden, backlit glow. Keep scrolling to check out their engagement session and adventure elopement branding photos for Topaz & Thread!

Zion Hiking Adventure Elopement
Zion Hiking Adventure Elopement
Zion Hiking Adventure Elopement

Hiking in zion

There are tons of gorgeous hikes in Zion National Park. However, the park does have a few Covid-19 systems in place to keep visitors safe, including accessing some areas only by shuttle with a reservation. You have to score a ticket the night before while thousands of other visitors are also trying to buy the same tickets. Michael and I were in Zion for three days, and weren’t able to get shuttle tickets for any of the days. That means the famous hikes like Angels Landing or The Narrows were off limits for us.

There are tons of other great hikes in the park that you can still access without the shuttle, and there are also private shuttle companies that will take you to the trailheads. One of the best options (in my opinion) if you don’t get a shuttle ticket is to rent or bring a bike! Bikes are still allowed on the scenic drive and are a great way to really take in the sights. Check out all of the info on Zion’s regulations here, or go straight to their Summer 2021 PDF here.

canyon overlook trail

Canyon Overlook trail is one mile long and is rated as moderate. Michael and I rated it closer to easy. The beginning is steep, but the rest of the trail is gradual. The hike has a handful of drop-offs, nearly all of which are protected by handrails. If you are afraid of heights and are looking for a short hike to challenge yourself/face your fear, this might be the hike for you.

Parking is the biggest downfall of Canyon Overlook because it is extremely limited. We had to park on the side of the road well up the street where lots of cars were passing by (or were backed up by the tunnel). For the most part, people anticipate hikers on the road. However, they are also in awe of the beauty around them, and might get distracted, so stay safe! You can check out the AllTrails for Canyon Overlook here. Please remember to protect the outdoors and Leave No Trace.

Zion Hiking Adventure Elopement
Zion Hiking Adventure Elopement

plan your adventure

Ready to plan your Zion hiking adventure elopement? I (Kailyn) love planning adventures. We believe that safe, awesome adventure should be accessible to anyone, so I can be a sounding board even if you aren’t sure about photo or video coverage. Because I am just as excited as you are, I will help with all of the details so planning is a piece of cake!

Michael and I have an awesome vendor referral list in the southwest, including luxury picnic companies and glamping options. Sound like an epic adventure elopement? Uhhh, yes please! I think the desert might be calling your name!

Zion Hiking Adventure Elopement
Zion Hiking Adventure Elopement

Let’s Hang out

We would love to go on an adventure with you! Michael and I are a traveling photo + video elopement, wedding, + birth team on the road full time chasing loving souls and deep emotion. We specialize in adventure, love, and all the babies; and we go wherever the wind takes us. Check out our blogs below for recent work, or reach out to plan your epic day. Read our 5 Reasons Why We Love Elopements to see if and adventure elopement is right for you! We can’t wait to get you in front of our lens!

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Zion Hiking Adventure Elopement + Engagement Session | Canyon Overlook

  1. Calli Crawford says:

    I love how you captured their fun and energetic personalities!! Beautiful photos!

  2. Traci says:

    Love this place so much and the joy is all over the brides face!

  3. Abbi Hearne says:

    Ah this looks like so much fun! I love how stoked they seem in all of the photos!

  4. Sarah Meza says:

    Oh my gosh, this dress and this location!! And they look so happy – you captured them beautifully!

  5. Amy Isacson says:

    Beautiful couple, beautiful photos!!! Lovely job! We went to that exact spot over Spring Break and I love how you captured it. Definitely a great resource for anyone looking to utilize that unique area.

  6. Meghan says:

    These photos are so beautiful! I’ve been to Zion before and you’ve captured it so perfectly 🙂 That light is amazing and the couples looks like they are having so much fun!

  7. Sergio says:

    Such a cute and sweet couple! Love how you captured their connection. Their personalities just shine through the photos. Beautifully captured!!

  8. Dezerae says:

    What a beautiful Elopement and engagement session!

  9. Kat says:

    Who wouldn’t enjoy a wedding with a viewpoint like this? And boy does she know how to pose. Lovely!

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