cabin and lakeside elopement

a day full of authentic joy for each other

Sinead + Zach had infectious joy surrounding their day and each other. They were just so excited to be celebrating each other and getting married, and their deep seeded joy was contagious to everyone around them. This type of love is so pure, and we were so happy to capture it!

They traveled from out of state with original plans to elope in Canada. Like many of us, Covid changed their route. They were after a cabin + lakeside elopement with a mountain view, and we had just the location for them! They had a flexible flow to their day with this timeline:

  • Getting ready at Juniper Mountain House
  • First look on property trails
  • Coffee date at our favorite, The Train Cars Coffee
  • Luxury picnic
  • Lakeside, mountain view ceremony
  • Adventure around in nature
  • Sign the marriage license and celebrate!

unpredictable colorado

The great thing about elopements is that they are flexible! We don’t have a strict schedule to keep, so if you want to hang out at one location a while longer, you can. In Sinead + Zach’s case, we originally planned for their luxury picnic to be higher in elevation. A blizzard blew in, and our picnic provider was chasing picnic decorations in the snowy wind!! Thankfully, with elopement flexibility, it was really easy to move their picnic to a lower, warmer location.

We often have couples ask us how they can get a certain type of weather during their elopement. However, Colorado can deal you any hand any day of the year! They say, “if you don’t like the weather in Colorado, wait ten minutes”. This is SO TRUE! We can get snow in any month, and we can get warm weather in any month. We can help you schedule your day to have a higher probability of a certain type of weather, but the unpredictability of Colorado is what makes it so exciting!

a snowy ceremony

Mid-October brought us an unexpected (but not unsurprising) blizzard which created a windy ceremony! Sinead + Zach wanted to adventure through it, which we were 100% down for. The icy air chilled our cheeks, but the snow created a gorgeous backdrop on the peaks. They took breaks to warm up in the car (you gotta do what you gotta do), and we all stuffed hand warmers in our gloves and shoes! I was five months pregnant during this elopement and it was our first real welcome of winter, and my jacket didn’t fit around my belly! Our baby boy was along for adventures from the very beginning, and the “wild” still runs through him today!

We were so grateful to celebrate Sinead + Zach and capture their beautiful day. They were eager to go with the flow and kept their focus on their joy and love for each other. We love that our couples keep their focus on what is important: having an authentic day that allows them to say, “this is really us and the way we love each other”. Congratulations, Sinead + Zach!

We would love to help you plan your own cabin + lakeside elopement!

let’s hang out

We would love to go on an adventure with you! Michael and I are a traveling adventure elopement photo, video, + planning team. We chase loving souls and deep emotion, and we go wherever the wind takes us. Check out our blogs below for recent work, or reach out to plan your epic day. We can’t wait to get you in front of our lens!

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Cabin + Lakeside Elopement

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