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So, what's it mean to elope anyway?

/əˈlōp/ verb

have a rad time marrying the one that you love.
"we eloped and it was the best decision ever."

a safe space, free from expectation, where the day is truly  about you and the way you love each other.
"We knew a huge wedding wasn't our vibe, so we decided to elope and really make the day about us."



use this guide to help you find answers to all of your elopement questions, including:

Eloping is a way to celebrate your love and your commitment with intentional choices.

your alternative

your chance to say, "this is really us".

beautiful, fun, and epic.

eloping is

you can make it

this is your permission to run wild.

leave the drama behind and let your guard down.

you are safe and free

to create the best day ever.

Whatever you say goes.

We believe in safety, a loving environment, sustainability, and epic adventures for all.

to the production, the stress, and the expectations.


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Your Questions, Answered

your questions, answered

the ceremony

What happens during an elopement ceremony?

Just like the rest of your day, your ceremony is personalized to your love story. You can structure it like a traditional ceremony with one partner walking down the aisle, exchanging of rings, vows, all that jazz-- or you can do whatever you want. If you want to start with a meditation, that's cool. If you want to make a unity painting and include your dog's pawprints, that's cool too! 

There is no set flow for how long an elopement ceremony has to be or how it is structured. There are also no rules for any traditions or religious/cultural aspects that you want to include or omit. 

We are happy to help you organize the flow of your ceremony, and help with logistics if you want to throw in a few unique ideas! Vows in a canoe? First kiss in a hot air balloon? We are here for it.

Do I need an officiant or a witness?

Every state and country has different laws for what is required. We can help you navigate this so you have all of your boxes checked.  

If you don't want an officiant or witness, there are a few states that are self-solemnizing which means you don't need an officiant or a witness! You can take advantage of this in:

*A few of these states have specific stipulations or caveats.

You also have a few other options apart from using an officiant. You can use a loved one as your officiant (if they get ordained) or your witness, and you can flag down a hiker as your witness!

Another option (that we highly recommend with international elopements) is to take care of the legal aspects later. The day you are married is spiritual, emotional, mental, and heart guided. It is so much more than when you sign a piece of paper. If it's easier, have your epic elopement and sign the papers when you get home.

  • Colorado
  • California
  • Maine*
  • DC
  • Wisconsin*
  • Pennsylvania
  • Nevada
  • Kansas
  • Illinois

When you self-solemnize, your dog can act as your witness! Michael and I did this and Tekka's sweet paw print is stamped right on our marriage license. 

Are elopement ceremonies legal?

Click here to jump to the legal section.

Check out this blog for more ceremony ideas!

loved ones

How do we tell our families and loved ones?

To be completely honest, sometimes this is easy, and sometimes this is really, really hard. Family and friend dynamics are different, and some people handle the news of eloping better than others. If you think this might be a hot topic in your circle, I am here to help you find ways to break the news gently and help everyone feel included. 

You can always elope in secret and tell them after, but if you are planning on filling in your loved ones, here's what we suggest:
  • Tell them in person
  • Explain why eloping is important to you
  • Explain why a big wedding might be miserable
  • Include them in elopement preparations
  • Incorporate them into your day from afar (we can help!)
At the end of the day, this is about you and not them. That can be a hard pill for some to swallow, so prepare yourselves for some negative feedback. Remember, you can validate their feelings without giving in and folding on the day you really want. 
Of course! Your loved ones can be present for just the ceremony, or for the entire day! Keep in mind some locations have guest regulations that restrict the amount of people that can elope with you. It's also important to think about the accessibility and activity level needed throughout your day. 

How do we include our loved ones without them tagging along?

The possibilities here really are endless! If you want to, incorporating your loved ones into your elopement can help them feel really special! 

Here are a few ideas on how to include the ones you love:
  • Have them tag along when picking out attire
  • Have them write letters for you to open on your elopement day
  • Have them record videos for you to watch the morning of your elopement
  • Facetime/Zoom at some point in the day
  • Throw a reception later that everyone is invited to
  • Wear family heirlooms like jewelry or watches
  • Let them get ready with you in the morning
  • Let them surprise you on your day. We had a bride's family member surprise her with an additional bouquet!
  • Hold a separate symbolic ceremony to emphasize unity with each other and your loved ones, like planting  a tree together or making an art project
  • Let them speak their love language in the way they are included

There are a lot of reasons why you might not want others present at your elopement. It's your day to share between the two of you. Maybe you don't like being the center of attention, or maybe you are eloping in a remote location that is hard to get to. At the end of the day, the reason doesn't matter. This day is about celebrating you and your love story. 

Can our loved ones come with?


Flash floods, lightning, and moose, oh my.

When we say, "expect the unexpected", this is what we mean. Of course, no one can predict every lightning strike, flash flood, or moose charge. However, we do everything we can to take preventative safety measures. For example, we will check the weather far away from canyon locations because it does NOT need to be raining where you are (or currently raining) for a flash flood to happen. Watershed from 50 miles away can create flash flood conditions. 

We also will do everything we can to stay below treeline during a storm, and we know the best measures to take if you are about to be struck by lightning. We are educated in wildlife safety to minimize the risk of being hurt by local wildlife. 

This only scratches the surface of wilderness safety and first aid, and this isn't meant to scare you. It's to let you know that dangers of the wilderness are very real, and you might encounter these adventures during your day. It's also to let you know that your safety is important to us, and we will stay educated to keep you in good hands. Some things are out of our control. This is a calculated and accepted risk. Don't let it keep you from the beauty of the backcountry. 

Altitude, really?

Yes, really! Altitude sickness is no joke, and I can tell you from first hand experience that it is miserable. Preventing altitude sickness is a "better safe than sorry" scenario. You would much rather do too much than not do enough and be sick your entire elopement day. 

To prevent altitude sickness, we recommend:
  • Drink water like a fish. Seriously, bottoms up on the H20.
  • If you are eloping above 8,000 ft, try to stay at or close to your elevation the nights leading up to your elopement to help you acclimate-- especially if you will be eloping above 10,000 ft. 
  • If you know you are prone to altitude sickness, opt for a jeep elopement or something that doesn't involve hiking. The less you exert your body, the less likely you are to get sick. Also, if you do feel crummy, it's easier to get to a lower elevation quickly. 
  • Watch the alcohol. Alcohol will dehydrate your body quickly and can make you more likely to get sick. This is especially true if you mix altitude and alcohol with hot tubs or hot springs. 
  • If you're really worried, you can get a prescription from your doctor. It might make you pee a lot, so be prepared to drop your drawers in nature
  • More than anything, listen to your body. If you feel a headache coming on or you're starting to feel lousy, let us know. We can adapt your elopement plans or take a break to make sure you stay feeling great. 

What if we get hurt?

Want to know more? Our 100+ page client guide is full of safety tips.

your safety is one of the main reasons to hire an experienced adventure elopement team. Nature is wild, and the backcountry can be unforgiving. it's important to have a team that can expect the unexpected.

Though unlikely, this is a very real possibility. While chances are low that you will actually get struck by lightning, there are inherent risks with outdoor adventures. It's much more common to experience a sprained ankle, sunburn, or something that involves a quick and easy recovery. We will do everything we can to prepare for and mitigate any risks. Things still happen, and it's all part of the accepted adventure. 

For insurance purposes, we require that you follow all rules for any activities that we participate in. For example, if we rent a canoe, your lifejacket will be required. 

If you do get injured, we are first aid certified and will take care of you to the best of our abilities, or call on experienced medical personnel to step in. We care about all of our clients and will keep you in good hands. 

why elope

To let your introverted self shine

we've already talk about how eloping is an opportunity to have a day filled with intentional choices, and that it's an opportunity to be authentically you. here are a few other reasons why people choose to elope.

You want your vows to only be heard by each other.

It's intimate.

Instead of spending thousands on a party for everyone else, you would rather spend it on activities that you love as a couple.

Eloping is not a way to get back at people who have hurt you. If you are choosing to elope for those reasons, we might not be the best fit. We are here to celebrate love and to use it to spread light and joy. However, we do understand that sometimes you need to elope because people in your life don't support your choices in how or who you love. In that, we are here to give you a safe space. 

No family drama.

No stress.

It feels more meaningful than a big wedding.

More options for what to do with your day.

An opportunity to explore new places/travel.

You don't want to be the center of attention.

It's romantic.

Some wedding traditions or expectations can feel hurtful.

Strict timelines make you anxious. 

You want to get married in a location that is special to you as a couple. 

Wedding traditions/expectations aren't your vibe.

You needed more adventure in your day. 

eloping legality

Are elopement ceremonies legal?

Elopement ceremonies are legal, but it is necessary that you follow the local laws for the state and/or country that you are eloping in. Sometimes this is super easy (like in Colorado), and sometimes this is really complicated (like certain international destinations). 

Some locations require an officiant and a witness, while other locations are self-solemnizing. This means you can marry yourself, and you can even have your dog sign as your witness! 

You want to make sure that the area you are eloping in doesn't have any weird stipulations where your marriage won't be recognized in certain areas. We can help with this! 

The last thing we want is for you to feel stress. This is our profession, so we are here to help with all of the logistics. However, if this feels intimidating, do the legality before or after your elopement! We highly recommend this with international elopements. The day you are married is spiritual, emotional, mental, and heart guided. It is so much more than when you sign a piece of paper. If it's easier, have your epic elopement and sign the papers when you get home.

Can we take care of the legality before/after?

Absolutely! In some cases, like international elopements, this is what we recommend! 

You might even already be married by the time you decide to plan your elopement. Couples make this choice for a variety of reasons, like tax or health purposes, military reasons, immigration, you name it. Your day is still epically special even if you are already married. 

Again, the day you get married is spiritual, emotional, mental, and heart guided. It is so much more than when you sign a piece of paper. If the legal aspect is getting in the way of having the elopement of your dreams, sign the documents at home. Your vows will still hold all of the weight. 

If you're not sure what is the best fit for you, we can help you walk through your options. Sometimes legally getting married during your elopement makes sense and adds to the fun. If you feel like it's taking away from the fun, then don't let that into your day. You can sign the papers anytime. 

Can you legally get married in other countries?

You sure can, it just takes a little bit of extra effort. Some countries make this very easy, while others have a few more boxes to check. You might have to plan well in advance and submit things that you wouldn't have to submit in your home country. As long as you're okay with the extra steps, we can help you check off the legalities. 

If this doesn't sound like your vibe, then just take care of the paperwork another time. I know we sound like a broken record, but the day you get married is when you say your vows. It's spiritual, emotional, mental, and heart guided. It's so much more than signing a piece of paper. If things are getting complicated, sign the papers another time. 

Do I need a marriage license?

You can not legally get married without a marriage license, but you can still have a commitment ceremony or a symbolic ceremony. These ceremonies are very real and still unify you as a couple, even if you can't file taxes together. 

We can help with the logistics of making sure you take the right steps to secure your marriage license. We have a step by step checklist in our 100+ page client guide to help with this, as well as everything else you might need for your elopement! 

Do I need a permit?

This is fully dependent on where you are deciding to elope. If you are opting for a National Park or a more public area, the answer is probably yes.

We can make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row with permits. Some are very easy to get, and some require you to plan ahead. The cost of permits is dependent on the location, typically $50-$300. 

Most permits go directly to the preservation, protection, and growth of public lands. It might be an extra step, but you can feel good about your purchase. 


Eloping is the eco-friendly alternative.

Eloping produces substantially less waste compared to a wedding. There are less people traveling, and a lower "single use item" count with no invitations, menus, disposable dinnerware, etc. We practive Leave No Trace, and it is easier to make eco-friendly choices when you elope.

When it is just you and your partner, you can take responsibility for yourselves to respect and care for your environment.

Sustainable options:

We love to make it easy for you to make sustainable choices when you elope with us. To help, we have a variety of resouces in our 100+ page client guide. This includes tips, sustainable vendors, and education. 

Here are a few tips to get you started:
  • Source items for your elopement locally (and seasonally if applicable) to reduce fuel emissions
  • Use vendors that source organically grown, local ingredients for food
  • Do your research and purchase conflict free rings
  • Support companies that pay living wages, strive for a low carbon footprint, and treat their employees well
  • Locally source your flowers to care for the fragile ecosystems
  • Be sure your attire won't shed glitter or sequins
  • When you can, buy used
  • Make sure your vendors strive for sustainability as well. We can help with this! We have a great list of vendor referrals that practice LNT and do everything they can to operate as sustainable organizations. We even know caterers that grow their own food and compost your leftovers! 

How to LNT:

Check out this blog for how to LNT on your elopement!

this is my favorite section.
as a guiding principal, we believe in sustainability at the forefront of everything we do.

let's talk about the wedding industry.

Unfortunately, much of the wedding industry profits from wastefulness. The larger the wedding, the larger the scale of single use items like favors, plastic dinnerware, balloons, confetti, invitations, menus, decor, etc. Here are some staggering wedding statistics:
  • Each wedding on average produces 40+ lbs of plastic waste and over 400 lbs of total garbage. There are an average of 2 million weddings per year in the US alone. That's a harrowing total of 80,000,000+ lbs of plastic waste.
  • The average wedding in the US produces 62 tons of carbon dioxide. This is equivelant to burning 65,000 lbs of coal. 
  • One wedding day on average produces the same emissions as 3-4 people per year (average yearly carbon footprint in the US per person is 16 tons, average per person globally is 4 tons). 
  • 10% of wedding food gets wasted. Many couples "over cater" out of fear that guests will be hungry. 

Sources: The Nature Conservancy  |  The World Bank  |  Huffington Post  |  Terra Pass  |  Syracuse University  |  Sustainable Wedding Alliance  |  Zippia  |  77 Diamonds

eloping with us is a chance to act on environmental stewardship and philanthropy.

When you work with us, we provide plentiful education to help you Leave No Trace. It is important that we care for and respect the space around us. The environment is fragile, and sometimes damage is permanent. 

We will help you learn about how to respectfully explore the backcountry, the dangers of spreading non-native seeds with florals, and so much more. In the mean time, check out our blog below to get started with LNT. 

eloping with us also gives you the opportunity to support our nonprofit. 

When you elope with us, you can feel good knowing your investment directly supports the growth and foundation of our nonprofit; MB's Trailhead. With a portion of profits in conjunction with federal grants, this nonprofit is on the way to being fully funded and will break ground the summer of 2024. 

Together, we are advocating and providing resources to children in foster care as well as children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We strive to make adventure and nature's healing accessible to everyone. Through outdoor recreation activities, dance, music, art, mentors, and therapy, these children can become their best authentic selves and discover how much potential they hold. 

I believe in safety, love, a welcoming/loving environment, sustaibability, and epic adventures for all. Nature is healing for everyone and what better place to love and be loved? By working with us, you will be a steward for the outdoors as well as a philanthropist for individuals who really need a loving hand. When you join your adventure with ours, you get to love each other, the environment, and those in need.

learn more about mb's trailhead

Planning Help

planning help


eloping should be

Every adventure has a trail head. That's where we meet you, and we will help you all the way to the summit.

But where the heck do we start?

stress free


My favorite part of your day is seeing your face when the adventure comes to life. We have a step-by-step process to take care of every planning detail, as well as great recommendations for vendors, locations, activities, attire, and everything in between. We are your sounding board and your compass.

download our free elopement planning checklist!

elopement checklist

it's time for some
adventure prep

A dive into our client guide

dream it up + budget

Step 1

step 1

The sky is literally the limit here (unless you want to elope in space. We are so down for that).

Start with a vision board for your day. Close your eyes and picture yourself holding hands with your loved one about to say your vows. What's around you? Do you hear birds chirping, rushing water, or the blow of crisp alpine air? Is the sun warmly kissing your skin or are snowflakes landing on your cheeks? Does it smell like the beach? Or maybe it smells like pine trees? You can also think about places you have always wanted to travel or activities you have always wanted to try.

This is where you should start. What do you want to immerse yourselves in? What are your hobbies or values as a couple? Do you want to eat gourmet food on your elopement day? Do you want an afternoon meditation or massage? There's no right or wrong-- just start dreaming. 

Set your budget.

This piece is really important. Although it's possible, elopements are not necessarily a way to save money. Instead, they are a way to intentionally spend your money to curate a day that really feels like you. You don't have to worry about making anyone else happy, and you can focus more on making memories that are authentically you. In our opinion, that's money well spent. 

Set your budget. From there, we can help you prioritize the elements of your day and create an elopement that is meaningful and memorable.

What should we be thinking about?

After you think about the experience that you want as a couple and what is most meaningful to you, here is a quick list to get your brain moving with a vision board and budgeting:

  • Places you love or have always wanted to visit
  • Where you want to stay
  • What kind of activities you love or want to try
  • What kind of food you want to eat
  • Vendors
  • Travel expenses including gas + parking
  • Permits + Licenses
  • Attire + Gear

this only scratches the surface. our 100+ page elopement client guide has great resources to help you vision plan and budget.

pick a date

Step 2

step 2

Narrow down the seasons

This is the easiest place to start. What kind of weather do you want (keeping in mind that this is out of your control), and what kind of seasonal vibe are you after? Do you like fresh spring flowers and rain? Fall colors and bonfires? Taking a dip in a lake under the summer sun or snuggling up with hot cocoa in a snowy cabin?

Think about the people.

After you narrow down your season, you can lock in a date. This is a good time to think about what crowds will look like. Peak seasons in beautiful locations often draw other people. This isn't a problem, and people are usually very respectful of elopements. If you want to avoid crowds but you don't want to go to the backcountry, here is what we recommend:

once you pick your date, book your flights and accommodations next to avoid rentals booking up and flights going up in pricing.

  • Elope at sunrise
  • Elope on a Tuesday or Wednesday
  • Elope during the off season

Off season has pros and cons. There will be less people, but that also might mean that activities aren't operating and you might have a harder time finding local vendors if they are seasonal. We can help you weight your options of eloping with crowds and eloping in different seasons. 


Step 3

step 3

Anywhere in the world.

Dream of eloping in Patagonia or Iceland?
Do you and your partner visit the same National
Pak on your anniversary?
Maybe there is a willow tree in your grandparent's backyard that holds a special place in your heart.

Our only advice is to pick a location and then pick a backup. You might have a general idea, like the North Cascades, but not know where to elope within the park. We can help you pick a location and pick a backup.

Why do I need a backup?

When you climb on board for an adventure elopement, anything can (and does) happen. Wildfires close the parks, mudslides close the roads. Your location at 10,000 ft is in blizzard conditions, so maybe you need to swap for 6,000 ft. Nature is WILD, as it should be! It's our job to roll with it. 

Sometimes, even with planning, the unexpected happens. It's our job to help you navigate the trail.

Again, think about the people.

Something to keep in mind when you are picking an elopement location is that nature lovers love spending time in beautiful locations. If you are in an easy to access, jaw droppingly beautiful spot, you will probably be sharing the space with other nature lovers. If you don't see anyone for miles and the view is epic, it probably took some work to get there. This is a give and take and is all part of eloping on public lands. If you want to elope in a poplar location that doesn't require 3 hours of jeeping or a 5 mile hike, we recommend eloping on a weekday at sunrise. You might still see a smiling face or two, but it is a way to avoid most crowds. 

when you elope on public lands, you probably need a permit.
permits vary in pricing, and we will help make sure you have everything you need to elope legally.
permit fees usually go directly towards the preservation, growth, and protection of public lands. this extra step is worth it.

vendors + activities

Step 4

step 4

If you are after an epic, full-send adventure, this is for you. These elopements are whatever you want to make them. Backpacking? Sure. Rock climbing Yosemite? Let's send it. Camping? Yes. Please. Patagonia trip? I think you get the picture. We are always down for a rad adventure. These options allow you to have everything you want for your day. The dirt won't stop us and neither will the rain. We are down for it all. Oh, and your dog is definitely invited.

These options allow you to have a full day of awesome adventure. Maybe you want to take a longer hike, add a second location, or kayak all afternoon. This allows you to do just that. Your day can be unique to your vibe and values, and you have plenty of time for a few fun activities.

Your elopement, sweet and simple. If you have a short hike planned, want to elope at an easy to access location, or even have a shindig planned at a local brewery, we are there for it. This is your adventure, with your love, your way. Ready for deep emotion and belly laughs? We are too.

helping you find activities and vendors to have an epic, memorable elopement is our favorite part of planning. we have extensive questionnaires, planning resources, and helpful checklists for our clients in our client portal and our 100+ page elopement client guide.

elopement vendors
you might want to help
make your day epic:


gourmet chef

luxury picnic


hair + makeup




adventure activities




local pet sitters

gear + car rentals

adventure guides

As big or as little as you want.

This is another opportunity for me to say that what happens and what's included on your elopement day is up to you. If you want to do your own hair, skip the cake, and self-solemnize in the cabin back yard, cool. If you want all of the works to take your day up a notch, cool. Your day is immensely special no matter what you do, and we are here to help all of the moving parts come to life.

When do I book my vendors?

This is different for every vendor. Vendors like photography, videography, planners, and hair + makeup will book up quickly for popular dates and might book 9-15 months out regularly. Accommodations also tend to book up quickly. You might want to book all of these vendors first. That said, we have found last minute vendors for our couples on more than one occassion. If you decide the week of your elopement that you want to add a picnic, great, let's do it! We can help you nomatter your timeline.

I don't want to coordinate all of this.

Want to kick your feet up and just show up to an awesome day? We've got you covered. We offer all-inclusive package that cover every vendor you might need, adventure activities like helicopter rides or a sailboat excursion, and even a massage in the morning. Our all-inclusive packages also take care of luxury accommodations the night before and after your elopement. We will have a few questionnaires for you to fill out so we can lock in your vibe, and then you really get to just show up and have an awesome day!
Check out our packages here. 

How do we do this sustainably?

You came to the right place! We are all about lowering your environmental impact. We will educate you on how to Leave No Trace with your elopement, help make sure you don't bring any non-native seeds into fragile environments, and can even pair you with caterers that will compost your leftovers. 

activities to add
to your amazing day

luxury picnic



sailboat excursion

hot air balloon

helicopter tour

jeep tour


canyoneering tour

playing music

rock climbing



horseback riding

whiskey tasting

so much more

How do I fit in activities?

We can help you create a timeline that will fit all of your activities into your day (or multiple days). We love to work out the logistics of adventure planning and can keep all of these moving parts flowing smoothly so that you get to just focus on each other. 

A quick dive into our packages.

If you decide to pick us as your elopement team, you will be getting extensive planning guidance with all of our packages. We offer photo, video, or combined coverage options. We are your experienced experts right in your back pocket.

or multi-day coverage

8 or 12 hour coverage

4 hour coverage

Check out our elopement packages

Your investment covers so much more than just your photos and videos. By choosing to elope with Summit + Co., you are choosing a journey and a relationship.

We have captured small intimate elopements, all the way to massive extravagant weddings. We understand the ins and outs of working in other countries, and we have also worked years to perfect our craft.

We will work with you from the trail head of your plans to the summit of your day to help your vision come to life. We will help with finding a location that speaks to your adventurous soul. We will navigate attire + gear, help with vendors, and do everything we can to be sure that your day tells all of your love story. In the mix of this, there will be a few checklists, emails, phone calls, elopement guides, and whatever else you need from us to be all set for your day. 

I have a disability. Can you accommodate?

100% absolutely yes. We believe that adventure and beautiful nature are for everyone, and we know great locations that are safe and accessible.
I spent many years working with individuals who have intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities. Absolutely everyone is welcome in front of my lens, and we would love to help you have an epic day.

yes, you really can have whatever adventure you want.

You get to spend it connecting, loving, focused on each other, and having an awesome time.

Have a hobby you both love? You can do it.
Want to camp overnight and make it two days? You can do that too.
The options are endless. 

helicopter camping

9:00 AM
12:00 PM
1:30 PM
4:30 PM
7:00 PM
5:30 AM
6:30 AM
7:00 AM
8:30 AM
10:00 AM
12:00 PM

Morning Helicopter Tour
Luxury Picnic Lunch
Hike To Camp
Set Up Camp + Dinner
Sunset Adventure
Milky Way Photos
Get Ready @ Camp
Sunrise Ceremony
Sunrise Adventure
Hike Down
High Five, You Did It!

jeeping picnic

10:30 AM
11:30 AM
3:00 PM
4:00 PM
6:30 PM
7:30 PM
8:00 PM
8:30 PM
10:00 PM
10:30 PM

Get Ready + First Look
Jeeping Adventure
Mountaintop Ceremony
Jeeping Adventure
Luxury Picnic w/ View
First Dance + Sweets
Sunset Adventure
Blue Hour Adventure
High Five, You Did it!

lakeside canoe

5:00 AM
5:45 AM
6:00 AM
7:30 AM
8:30 AM
9:00 AM

Get Ready Together
Sunrise Ceremony
Vows On The Water
Breakfast Picnic
First Dance + Sweets
High Five, You Did It!

what's it like to "take pictures all day"?

You can breathe a sigh of relief, because you won't have to "take pictures all day"! We document the day as it is which means you can be fully immersed in each other and your adventures. Sure, we will stop a few times along the way to capture great content, but it is rare that we will ever make you "stand here and smile". 
Michael and I are addicted to fun, and we do what we can to bring that to your elopement. You will be laughing, and even crying. Our prompts are emotion and movement based. You will have an experience with one another. We specialize in capturing raw emotion, and we will prompt you to bring out that emotion during your adventure. It is an awesome journey, trust us.

we love to capture your natural existence of human emotion.
your soul, unmasked.

Here's what your day could look like


Step 5

step 5

Our timelines are not set in stone on your day. If you are having a great time on your hike and want to soak up the view a little longer, cool. If you feel like floating in the water is raising your stoke, let's stay. We will be respectful of other vendors and any scheduled activities you have, but otherwise we go with the flow. 


Step 6

step 6

We believe in dirty dresses and muddy boots.

We can help you find attire and accessories that will keep you cool or warm depending on the season, as well as clothing that is stretchy, packable, and anything you might need for an adventure. You can wear whatever you want, and all colors are on the table.

We also recommend checking out fun shops on Etsy for custom elopement accessories (and a chance to support an artist!) like:

  • Cufflinks with coordinates on them
  • Rings with specific mountain peaks
  • Personalized vow books
  • "We Eloped!" signs

adventure + travel plans

Step 7

step 7

We've planned the whole day, what's left?

The rest of your time, of course! 
Whether you are local or are adventuring to a destination for your elopement, the days surrounding your big day matter. Michael and I decided to do a "wedding week" when we got married where we planned different activities every day. If you are traveling in, this is a great opportunity to make the most of your trip and go on tours, visit other national parks, and try local food!

we can help with local suggestions and things to do to make the most of your adventure before and after your elopement.

Adventure elopements.
this is what they're all about.

We are wild wanderers.
We love to backpack, camp, kayak,
go climbing, hike, and basically do anything outside. We aren't afraid of rain, snow,
or dirt. We love a good, sturdy adventure that leaves you tired at the end of it. what about you?

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Elopement Guides

 elopement guides

check out our

AdveNtuRe ElopeMenT fAq

How long is an adventure elopement?

How long is an adventure elopement?

What we craft for your day is totally up to you! Our adventure elopements are typically 5-8 hours. This includes hiking, any necessary travel during your elopement, the ceremony + events, and your adventure session. Your adventure elopement can also include an overnight camping trip, full backpacking trips, snorkeling adventures, you name it!

How much hiking will we do?

How much hiking will we do?

The amount of hiking we do for an adventure elopement is totally up to you. We will provide location suggestions based on what you are up for. We will usually hike at least a few miles, but we also have plenty of "easy to get to" locations in case you have guests who need something a little easier. After your ceremony, we can venture off to a different epic location for your adventure session.

Can i bring my friends and family?

Can i bring my friends and family?

OF COURSE! This is YOUR day. If you have loved ones that you want surrounding you, bring them! The more the merrier.

Can I bring my dog?

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, PLEASE DO. We love animals, and if your elopement is a few days long, we might bring our dog too (as long as your dog is cool with it). It's important to remember that not all national parks allow dogs on their trails, and we will respect the laws and rules of whatever space we are in. If your pup is allowed, bring them!

What about "bad" weather?

What about "bad" weather?

We don't really believe in bad weather. We will make sure you are safe, and we will still have an awesome adventure! If you have checked out our travel map, you might notice that we are moving pretty quickly through the U.S. and Canada. Because of this, we can't really "come back next week" when the sun is shining. We won't have you out in dangerous conditions like avalanches, mudslides, or lightning-- but we aren't afraid of a little snow or rain. We acutally love what the rain does to the colors in a landscape! If it does get dangerous, we will reschedule.

Do I get a print release?

Do I get a print release?

You sure do. You have the ability to print professionally with us, and we can guarantee quality prints. We offer metal wall art, wood prints, traditional prints, albums, magnets, and even Christmas ornaments. That said, you can totally print yourself and we will help you along the way.

What is your travel schedule?

What is your travel schedule?

Great question! We are traveling all over the U.S. and Canada in 2020, but we will adventure ANYWHERE. We have photographed worldwide, and plan to continue doing so. Just reach out, and we will head your way! You can check out our current travel schedule here.

What if I'm not on your travel schedule?

What if I'm not on your travel schedule?

No worries! We will still come to you! We LOVE to travel, and capture elopements, weddings, births, and family sessions all over the globe. Reach out and we will give you a travel quote.

What is it like to have a session with you?

What is it like to have a session with you?

Overall, I would say that Michael and I are addicted to fun, and we do what we can to bring that to a session. You will be laughing, and even crying. Our sessions are emotion and movement based. That means that you won't do a lot of "stand here and smile". You will have an experience with one another. We specialize in capturing raw emotion, and we will prompt you to bring out that emotion during your session. It is an awesome journey, trust us.

Do I have to have mountains, or can we do water?

Do I have to have mountains, or can we do water?

You can do WHATEVER you want! We also love the water... and the forest, and the desert, and basically anywhere outside. We shoot in the mountains very frequently, but we go wherever the wind blows us. In 2021 we will even offer scuba elopements!

What do you charge for a destination elopement?

What do you charge for a destination elopement?

We don't have a set travel rate. We believe that by itemizing our travel, we can save our clients money. We are budget friendly travelers. We love hostels, take public transportation (because who wants to drive on the other side of the road anyway), and don't mind taking that late flight because it is cheaper. If you are planning a destination elopement or wedding, reach out and we can set a travel quote for you.

What is the difference between an adventure elopement and a traditional elopement?

What is the difference between an adventure elopement and a traditional elopement?

A traditional elopement is typically two hours, and the location is easily accessible for all friends and family members.

Adventure elopements involve remote locations, and activities like backpacking, camping, or climbing. They are more extreme and tend to be 5-8 hours.

Woah, I think I am in the wrong spot. I need a traditional elopement.

Woah, I think I am in the wrong spot. I need a traditional elopement.

No worries! We get it that this isn't everyone's cup of tea. If you plan on eloping at a courthouse or somewhere where you can make it from start to finish in two hours, you are looking for a traditional elopement. You can find them here.

I am actually looking for a larger wedding.

I am actually looking for a larger wedding.

Right on! We have plenty of wedding packages both with us, or with our associates. You can check out wedding photography + videography here.

is it beneficial to get photo + video?

is it beneficial to get photo + video?

This is our favorite option. Michael and I work really well together, and we also believe that photography + videography combined tell the full story of your love journey. We know how to tango to capture your love and some epic scenery. We offer separate services, but we do feel like the services compliment each other. 

Are there any extra fees?

Are there any extra fees?

Our packages represent the base price for adventure elopements and encompass most (if not all) of what we do, including all of the planning prep, capturing your day with photo, video, or both, and drone (weather + location dependent). If your elopement has a few more moving parts like extensive travel or excursions where we would need a seat, there might be a few extra fees added on.

So, fun fact, we used to live on the road with our dog, our cat, and a ton of plants.  We are travel bugs at heart, and will meet you to capture your wild love story anywhere. Colorado is home, but the world is our playground. 

two adventurous souls


Colorado, Washington, California, and Alaska are free from travel fees. If you flag us down during scheduled travel, there are also no fees. Outside of that, we love to adventure. Just reach out and we will make a bee line straight to you.

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