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Picture yourself ready to say your vows. Instead of a traditional wedding, you're blazing your own trail. You're on top of a mountain, the crisp, pure air is dancing around you and your loved one. You are about to express the rawest form of your soul as you commit yourself to another person. You feel the earth steady under your feet. This is a big deal, and it should be done in a space that is mentally safe as well as epically beautiful. This commitment is intentional, so your day should be too-- and it should be FUN. Let's have the best day ever. 

Loving soUls

deep eMotioN,

epic AdvenTuRes.

a day for

full of


inTentional cHoices,

Let's unlock what your day could hold.

I will help you cultivate a day where your true self feels free and safe to run wild.
A day full of valuable experiences in an environment that fosters the release of your epic, awesome, authentic self. No wedding day production here.

your dAy sHould be...

Your day Should be...

internally and externally authentic - not catered to anyone else.

a safe space to expose your raw soul - to be vulnerable.

fun. not stress-filled hosting + strict schedules. pure, wild fun.

full of intentional choices and emotions.

free of expectations where you can let your guard down.

extraordinarily, draw-droppingly, epically beautiful.

an opportunity to act on environmental stewardship and philanthropy.

why us

why us?

photo + video as a team

As husband and wife, we know each other really well. That means we can easily tango through the adventure of your day. Michael knows when to go up and when I will go down. We can anticipate each other, which is a huge benefit over hiring separate vendors. We also think that combined coverage really encompasses the full love story of your epic day.  

permits. timelines. nitty gritty

We work out all of the dirty details from location assistance, permit guidance, timelines, custom vendor referrals, and everything in between. You get us in your back pocket for any question, guidance call, or direction you may need. We are detailed researchers, so this is our jam. Our boots are on the ground working so you can put yours up by the fire. 

sustainability,  leave no trace,  and philanthropy

As a LNT business, I believe we have a responsibility to be stewards of our environment and to respect the space around us. I also believe that we should help those in need any chance we get. Eloping is an opportunity to have a low waste, environmentally-friendly experience, and when you elope with us you are directly supporting our nonprofit; .

we are seasoned like yummy food

With seven years of experience, we have learned a thing or two about how to hand craft the best day ever. We love sharing our expertice and watching our couples experience awesome adventures first hand. We have also learned how to roll with any punch that could come our way.  We are passionate about our craft and making rad elopements accessible.

We offer fully curated elopements with extensive planning every step of the way. From all inclusive packages to simple coverage, we have custom options for every adventure full of epic scenery and memorable activities. We invest in our clients and their dreams for their day. You will also get access to a client planning portal and our personal elopement guide.  

planning + all inclusive packages

When you elope with us, you can feel good knowing your investment directly supports the growth and foundation of our nonprofit; MB's Trailhead. With a portion of profits in conjunction with federal grants, this nonprofit is on the way to being fully funded and will break ground the summer of 2024. 

Together, we are advocating and providing resources to children in foster care as well as children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We strive to make adventure and nature's healing accessible to everyone. Through outdoor recreation activities, dance, music, art, mentors, and therapy, these children can become their best authentic selves and discover how much potential they hold. 

I believe in safety, love, a welcoming/loving environment, sustaibability, and epic adventures for all. Nature is healing for everyone and what better place to love and be loved? By working with us, you will be a steward for the outdoors as well as a philanthropist for individuals who really need a loving hand. When you join your adventure with ours, you get to love each other, the environment, and those in need.

learn more about nonprofit name

mb's trailhead

MB's Trailhead

How to Elope wiTh us

how to elope with us

and have the epic day you deserve

and have the epic day you deserve

connect with yourself

reach out

set that trail map

get stoked

have an awesome day

This is where the fun really begins. You will get access to our client portal and our 100+ page elopement guide. This handy resource is full of tips, suggestions, and checklists to help you feel totally prepped for your adventure. We will also help with personalized suggestions for locations, vendors, and everything in between. 

We will help you work out all of the logistics so you can focus on building up the stoke for your day. Your biggest task is to get excited and focus on building your relationship even deeper as a couple. You are about to have one of the biggest days of your lives, and that deserves some excitement!

Take a peek at our packages and then head over to our contact form. We are stoked for every single couple that comes our way, and that includes you! We will answer all of your questions and help you pick a package that fits your day. You get us in your back pocket to create an epic elopement for you!

Let's daydream about your day. Are you surrounded by rugged peaks and chilly alpine air? Maybe you're next to a roaring tropical waterfall, starting off your day by floating calmly in a hot air balloon, or watching whales breach the water in a kayak. If this gets your heart beating, you're in the right place, and it's not just a dream! 

This is what it's all about. We've curated an awesome day for you full of activities that speak to you as a couple. You get to show up and submerge yourselves in one of the best days of your lives. Instead of worrying about keeping guests happy, you get to be deeply involved in each other. It's intentional, stress-free, fun, and epic. 

Let's do This

Let's do this

elope with us

have a fun, stress free day

"this feels like us".

you and your love story.

dive in to

that has you saying

where you can keep the focus on

an intentional day

packages + pricing

We originally planned on getting our engagement photos in Sedona in front of the red rocks; it's a special place for us. But then I remembered that we hired an "Adventure" photographer. I was inspired by the photos I saw on the website, and jumped at the chance to kayak down the Verde river and end up wine tasting. Kailyn and Michael were so supportive of everything. They went so far above (literally, by using a drone to capture our kayaks from the sky), and beyond (poor Michael wading elbows deep in a muddy creek to pull Kailyn back far enough for just the right shot)= . We ended up with a TON of amazing photos thanks to their willingness to do literally anything to get them.
Now, you should know, I was having a horrible hair day (thanks to a flaky stylist and a broken hotel hair dryer), oh, and our kayak left in the middle of the day with the sun straight overhead, giving us probably the worst possible lighting. I have no idea how she did it, but Kailyn made it work, she made all of it work, and so fast! She knew we needed to get our save the dates out, so she did everything she could to get them out to us right away without sacrificing the quality of her work.
So here I am tonight, sharing them with my family for the first time, and they are blown away. I'm really hard on myself about photos, so sometimes it takes other people to convince me that my face is okay lol, but these pictures are such works of art. I am so grateful to have Summit + Co in my life. Thank you for inspiring me to go on an adventure, and capturing it the way you did. I am even more excited about our wedding now than I was before, because I know those pictures will be amazing too! It's great to have that peace of mind.

- Jacqueline

Kailyn and Michael did a phenomenal job capturing our adventure elopement. We only have our sneak peeks so far and are already blown away by the pictures. We can't wait to see the rest of the pics and the video. We are so happy we found this amazing couple, it was like we were lifelong friends. So easy to get along with. Thank you for being part of our special day!

- Nikki

"We had an absolutely wonderful engagement shoot with Kailyn and Michael a few months ago, and it was an absolute blast! The whole experience was fun from start to finish, and the images turned out beautiful. They really captured natural, candid images that we will cherish forever. Not to mention, after I pitched my vision for our save the dates Kailyn helped us create the graphic immediately using our favorite image asking nothing in return! I would recommend working with her to anyone. You will receive beautiful images and more importantly you will work with someone who truly cares about capturing your relationship!!"

- Ellen

"We recently worked with Summit + Co for our engagement shoot. Kailyn and Michael were such an amazing team to work with. In our prep work up to our shoot I mentioned to her how much I would love our two dogs to be a part of it and she responded with such excitement. It made me feel comfortable with the choice we had made because she was willing to work with us and make the time about our love and life. After only two weeks she returned our pictures and I was shocked at how she is able to naturally bring out the love between a couple. Tyler and I would recommend Summit + Co to anyone who wants to work with a company who is extremely talented and personable. They feel like a part of your family by the end of your time with them. We can’t wait to work with them again."

- Hannah

"I had my bridal portraits and wedding photos/videos done by Kailyn and Michael. They were absolutely AMAZING! The talent these two have is indescribable and if anyone getting married is considering them... it's a no brainer. These photos I will have forever and thanks to them my daughters will see their mom and dad in a beautiful light as we will always have these photos to cherish even if the day flew by."

- Kayla

"Kailyn traveled to Ireland to take our family pictures, and she was amazing. I chose Summit based on recommendation and portfolios, and I wasn't disappointed. She was flexible, pleasant, friendly, fun, warm, helpful, and like one of the family. I definitely recommend going with Summit + Co. They are also incredibly easy to communicate with, prompt and friendly. Do not hesitate to contact Summit, cannot wait to use them again:)"

- Kelly

"Kailyn has captured my family photos for two years now, and I couldn't be happier. We have 4 boys, 2 with special needs, so we are not the easiest clients! She has an easy, gentle spirit about her, and I swear, works some kind of magic around my kids. I love how she finds moments of true joy on their faces and they never look posed or stiff. Her turnaround time is quick, and her images are beautiful. I highly recommend Kailyn- she's one of a kind!"

- Laurie

and take a seat at our campfire

Kailyn + Michael here, and we are so pumped you stopped by.
We are a photo, video, + planning team
and we recently retired from full time road life. 
We are addicted to raw, real emotion, true love, and deep belly laughs.
We are obsessed with our baby boy and the sweet family we have created.
We also love to hike, rock climb, dance, pray, pet our animals, and eat good food.
You are always welcome in front of our lens and at our campfire.
Hang loose, K + M 

meet your team

Meet your Team

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We get it, a traditional wedding just isn't your style.
You deserve a safe and "authentically you" alternative.
If you are a nature lover, an adventurer, a nomad, or a free spirit, an adventure elopement is what fits your vibe. Let's kayak around a lake. Let's hike a 14er or backpack the Dolomites. Let's celebrate your rad love journey, make s'mores at night, and then go climbing together in the morning. We LOVE adventure, and we love your love. We are experts in making this awesome alternative accessible to everyone.
This is more than an ordinary elopement. Are you in?

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