when should I elope? what time of year is best to elope?

winter, spring, summer, or fall elopement?

“When should I elope?” “What time of the year should I have my wedding?” Does this sound familiar? This is often one of the first questions you ask yourself when you start planning. There are pros and cons to every season, so let’s dive in!


when should I elope? what time of year is best to elope?

There is something so magical about a winter wedding, especially if you happen to get lucky and get freshly fallen snow on the trees. Winter elopements and weddings can be so cozy, and snowy mountains are definitely stunning. However, and this may be pretty obvious, but winter is COLD. It is also important to think about location if you are having guests. Oftentimes, in the mountains you can experience unexpected blizzards that may lead to road closures, chain laws, and delayed flights. However, if you are eloping and we have to navigate a road closure, that isn’t as big of an issue.

Michael and I love how beautiful winter elopements and weddings are, and we aren’t afraid of the cold. If you are planning a winter event, I suggest having a few back up plans in place so you aren’t caught by surprise. Also, make sure you know how to bundle and have the appropriate winter gear! The last thing you want during your elopement is a trip to the ER. If you love winter as much as we do, then a winter elopement or wedding is for you! The mountains are stunning in the winter (especially in Colorado, Washington, and Canada)—but we also love ice castles, hot springs, and cozy cabins. Snuggling by a fire is a great way to finish a snowy, magical day.


when should I elope? what time of year is best to elope?

WE. LOVE. FOGGY. RAINY. DAYS. Can I say it again? We love foggy, rainy days. Now, of course not every day is moody in the spring. The spring also brings endless flowers in the low country as well as fresh, green trees. Spring brings new life, and typically your guests will be in high sprits with the coming of warm weather. However, spring can also bring lots of rain and fog. Wait, didn’t we say that we love those conditions? WE DO. The pacific northwest is the perfect location for a moody elopement or wedding in the springtime. Yes, you might have to navigate hair + makeup in the rain (if you’re opting for that), and it might feel a little muggy outside, but the rain is so much fun to play in, and it brings an entire new element to your photos. We especially love photographing in the rain at night.

Spring is a bit of a gamble. Much of the high country still has snow, and the low country is a mix of fresh growth and potential rain. This is something to think about if you are holding an outdoor wedding with a lot of guests. If you are eloping, we will still adventure in the rain—but we know that formal weddings may need a backup plan. Some venues offer an indoor rain location should you need it. No matter what the weather decides to do, spring is still a wonderful time to celebrate your love.


Here comes the sun, do do do do! The options are endless for summer weddings. Early summer is a perfect time for a beach wedding or scuba elopement. Summer evenings are a blast in the Utah desert. Later summer brings heaps of wildflowers to the high-country mountains of Colorado and Washington, and it is also prime time to see the milky way in the Northern Hemisphere. That said, depending on location, summer can be HOT. If you are planning a summer wedding in the south, it might be a good idea to have paper fans or water for your guests—and be sure that you don’t forget to hydrate yourself!

The summer months open up more locations in terms of accessibility. Many areas like parts of Alaska or high alpine lakes can only be reached if you have extensive outdoor experience in the winter (and even then might be dangerous), but they are a joy to adventure to in the summer!

Summer events are also great because the sun stays out longer, and the evenings are so pleasant. That means you can have outdoor activities for guests, or you can stay out and adventure longer for an elopement. Sunset lake kayaking, anyone?


when should I elope? what time of year is best to elope?

Fall is likely our favorite season. We love cooler weather, but still having enough daylight for a healthy adventure. We are obsessed with the fall colors, and are always chasing the changing leaves. The only con I can think of for fall is the crowds. From Yosemite, to the high Rockies, to the Blue Ridge Parkway, people flock to see the fall colors. This means that the trails and national parks are a bit more packed, and venues (and vendors) will book up much faster. If you want a fall elopement or wedding, you likely need to plan ahead of time so that you don’t have to turn to option B, then C, then D for your big day.

We love fall weddings and elopements so much that we got married in the fall. We chose peak season for colors in the high Rockies of Colorado, and let me tell you, it was AMAZING. The yellow aspen created a jaw dropping mountain backdrop for our ceremony, and we had gorgeous weather for our wedding week adventures. Fall often brings beautiful weather and beautiful scenery no matter where you choose to get married. It is also the perfect time of year for an evening bonfire. Imagine cuddling by the fire as newlyweds, eating smores with family and friends, while someone jams out on the guitar. Yes, please.

so, is there a “perfect time”?

when should I elope? what time of year is best to elope?

Honestly, what makes your elopement or wedding is not the time of year, but the love you share. No matter what time of year you pick, there are ways to soak up the advantages that every season brings. Every time of year brings its own epic activities like skiing, chasing waterfalls and swimming holes, climbing, or stargazing. Sometimes it’s a cozy fire in a cabin, and sometimes it’s a bonfire under the moon. Either way, your love will be present and so strong on your wedding day. If you bring family and friends along, they are there for YOU at the end of the day, and they would be there rain, snow, or shine. If you’re asking, “when should I elope?”, I suggest you pick your time of year based on the feelings that the seasons give you or what season is your favorite. Then you can start planning one of the best days of your life.

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What Time Of Year Should You Elope?

  1. Julianne says:

    Excellent advice on all seasons! Couples who get that perfect, spring day hit the jackpot! Snow capped peaks + wildflowers down below = heaven

  2. kaely says:

    All of these pictures are so magical! Also great information and things to consider when planning.

  3. Leo says:

    This is sooo good! Such a good topic for discussion and great to see some amazing inspiration for an seasons. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Fall has to my favourite! Thanks for sharing this topic – great information for anyone trying to decide which season to elope in!

  5. angela says:

    Wow, this had me at the first line and photo! Stunning photos. And I love the variety, info and complete package you give to folks. Also, your logo is so good.

  6. Jacqueline G says:

    I love your honest advice of pros AND cons for each season. There are great things about each season but there are also things to consider depending on your needs and desires! Wonderful advice!

  7. Samantha says:

    This is SO helpful. As someone that’s indecisive and needs to see the pros and cons to things, I appreciate this so much!

  8. These are great things to think about for each season! I love the photos that you chose to go along with each season, too! Stunning.

  9. My wife and I eloped in the spring and we may be biased, but think that’s the best time! I wish we could have pictures in all 4 seasons, they would each be amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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