Arches National Park bridal session

who doesn’t love a beautiful, adventurous bride with a little bit of spice?

This stunning bride, Haley, also happens to be one of my best friends and a fellow photographer. I was thrilled when she told me that she wanted bridal portraits in the desert because I knew this would turn into a full day of adventure (and what better place for an edgy bridal session than Arches National Park?). I love when a day of hiking to a swimming hole turns into a cool evening of exploring in the desert.

Haley is one with the desert. The enormous, smooth, red rock combined with the warm sand in her toes has always spoken to her soul. She really feels in her element when she is in the desert, so what better place to take her bridal portraits than Arches National Park?

put red clay under her and a moon over her, and her heart will sing.

We started the day exploring a new swimming hole to combat the hot summer sun. Then, we explored through Arches National Park chasing the most beautiful golden hour light for her bridal session. We continued to photograph into the twilight hours, which created the most free spirited silhouettes. To finish off the night, we captured the Neowise Comet, which won’t come around for another 6,800 years! And then, of course, we crawled into our hammocks to snooze until morning (only to be awoken bright and early by a thunderstorm). Honestly, it was a perfect day for me. My kind of adventure, and an awesome bridal session.

We would love to work with you and capture whatever adventure you have in mind. Michael and I offer photo + video for the epic nomads, which means we are down for the dry desert, the wet ocean, or the crisp mountain tops. What kind of adventure is calling you?

Arches National Park bridal session
Arches National Park bridal session
Arches National Park bridal session
Arches National Park bridal session
Arches National Park bridal session

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Arches National Park Edgy Bridal Session

  1. Meaghan says:

    Wow what a beautiful session! The location and the bride are beautiful. It gives me all the magical feels! ✨

  2. Kristen says:

    I love the gifs and all the variety you got! Photographing solo people is not my strong suit so I’m quite jealous of how great these look!

  3. sara says:

    Love these! great tones and your silhouettes are awesome. Great job

  4. Goooooshhhh I love this! This girl really has a whole vibe about her. I have to say the photos at dusk really are so sultry and magical, especially with the moon in the distance. Such a nice little touch also echoed by her moon accessories and arm tattoos. Fabulous work from the both of you!

  5. Molly says:

    I love this session! I’m also inspired now to pitch individual portrait sessions to my couples because this is FIERCE!

  6. Brogan Resch says:

    wow! I love your style and how you captured this model! Your posing, lighting, and creativity were stunning!

  7. Teresa Woodhull says:

    Absolutely love it! The gifs brought out all the feels for me!!

  8. Havilah Heger says:

    Okay wow. Freakin beautiful!!! You killed it!!!

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