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Hey There, fRieNd

i am so happy
to share our

i am so happy
to share our journey.

members in our family including the dog + cat


years of


when we said "i do"


We are enthralled by the ever-present hum of humanity. Human beings as a whole are capable of so much, but what we are interested in is our ability for raw, intense emotion.

There are times in life where your soul is completely unguarded. Where everything else disappears and your true self exists in that moment. That is what we strive to capture at Summit + Co. Though we have plenty of experience photographing just about everything, we have found that those true emotions make an appearance during your vows, during births, and in kiddos- especially kiddos with special needs.

This is where our specialties lie, and where our fire is fueled. We love to travel, and we would love for Summit + Co. to come to you. We photograph world wide and have a very lengthy travel bucket list that we have been checking off. Raw emotion is all over the globe, and we hope to capture different forms of love from everywhere. 

members in our family including the dog + cat

fouNdeR  |  Lead pHotoGrapheR

Lead videoGrapHeR  |  the fUnNy oNe

This is my fella, Michael. He is pure kindness in human form. He has the most offensive sense of humor, so you get the best of both worlds when you work with us as a team. Michael is a North Carolina native, and he has touched just about every inch of that state. His faith runs deep, and his values are firm.

Michael knows how to reason better than anyone I know, and his honesty is there at all times- whether you are ready for it or not. Michael is always prepared, and out of the two of us he will be the one to plan everything out. He is a night owl who loves video games, but more than anything, he loves his friends.

Michael is so authentically creative, and he has so much fun with his work. His eye is truly his own. He is attracted to moments that matter, and he always sees them. He always gets choked up on wedding days no matter how many weddings he has filmed. He can read people without knowing them, and because of that he can see what is important to you.

If I were to guess, I would say that Michael probably believes that popcorn and pretzels make a well rounded meal.
He probably believes that morning starts at 11:00 AM.
I know he believes that his purpose is to love and serve the Lord.
I know that he too believes in love and the incredible things that it can do for humanity.

Michael is an incredible asset to my company, and I would love for you to meet him. Feel free to reach out, connect, and get to know the man behind the camera.

meet your team





Hey there. Thank you so much for stopping by to get to know the lady behind the lens. I am so grateful that your journey has allowed you to cross paths with mine. I am a total adventure bug, and like every plant out there I need a little H2O and sunshine. I am guided by God as I follow the wind. I love to travel, and I don't mind getting a little dirt under my fingernails.

I dig backpacking and rock climbing, and I also love to play music and dance. I have worked with kiddos since I was eleven, and I have also spent a great deal of time working with children in foster care, as well as individuals with disabilities. I also have a dog, and she is so sweet that my friends like her more than they like me. That's no joke.

I believe we are all capable of absolutely anything, and I hope that whatever we achieve is a perfect dance between beauty and insanity.
I believe that we should all do whatever we can to better the world around us.
I believe that we should put others before ourselves.
I believe that if you litter, you need to check yourself.
I believe that anything can be healed with healthy love.

I would love to meet you and learn about your journey. Let's sit down for some hot cocoa, or let's go for a hike. I want to meet you where you're at, and I want to learn about who you are. You are important in this world, and your story is worthy of capturing.

Hang loose,

the wild one

Our Baby Boy

Our newest addition to The Haynes Hive. We love our baby boy deeply and all of the adventures that come along with being parents.

Our little one is full of contagious joy. He is curious and he loves to explore. He is fearless and will walk his own path any chance he gets.

His favorite things:
climbing  |  books  |  outside  |  stacking cups  |  the remote
watering the plants  |  snacks  |  playing in water  |  the piano

adventure dog


Tekka holds down the fort, wherever the fort is. She is our sweet girl, and even though she is getting up in age she still loves to go on adventures. 

Tekka brings so much love and protection to our family. She might have a scary bark, but she is a lover to those in her pack. She taught both our little one and the cat how to bark, and she loves our baby now that he drops snacks everywhere.

Her favorite things:
hiking   |   outside   |   treats   |   tablescraps   |   scratces
snuggles   |   playing in water   |   fetch

sweet kitty


Vessa is the sweetest, softest, sassiest kitty you will ever meet. She is strong headed and independent, which is a theme with our family so she fits right in.

Vessa stays busy exploring. She is vocal, loving, and probably grateful that we retired from camper life (even though she liked chasing mice at the campsites).

Her favorite things:
outside   |   bird watching   |   chin scratches
snuggling as long as you leave her alone

behind the scenes


|   We participated in a mock elopement, and       some of our family members still think we       actually got married that day.
|   Neither of us have ever broken a bone.
|   We love board games.
|   We met at a wedding.


|   In a "fight-or-flight" situation, I'm a flight.
|   I try mangos in every country I visit.
|   I love the snow.
|   I can fall asleep anywhere. I have slept in        more airports than I can count.
|   My brother said I could have held the                Guinness world record for the amount
    of times I fell down the stairs as a kid.


|   New Year's Eve is my favorite holiday                because I love being with friends.
|   I love gaming so much that I got a Destiny      tattoo sleeve.
|   I am a twin.
|   I have been stung by a stingray.
|   I want to make my own escape rooms.


This is us just a few minutes after Michael asked me to be his wife. We spent the day bouldering in Crested Butte, Colorado. My sister-in-law came over to me as I was packing up my hammock (because sometimes when you're bouldering you need a good siesta) and asked me to take yoga photos with her. Sure thing, we do that all the time. Then, as I was walking to this very field, my brother came over to me and said Michael wanted me to fly his drone. I knew immediately something was up because at the time I had NEVER flown the drone. I walked over to Michael and he was very obviously nervous. He was frustrated with his drone, handed it to me and told me to fly it (with nothing on the screen and literally no clue what I was doing), and then pulled the ring out of his pocket to make sure it was still there. He then put it back in his pocket, like I didn't already see it, and got down on one knee. I like to think that I see his soul every day, but I really saw all of it that afternoon, and I saw how much his soul loves mine. He declared his love for me, shed a few tears, and then asked me to go on a lifelong adventure with him. I get to experience adventurous love with him every day, and together we are so excited to cross paths with more adventurous lovers. You are our people.

Our proposal

Our proposal



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