One of my favorite things is when you can really see how much two people love each other. I love that real, unmasked, true display of the soul. That is why we are so drawn to elopements, weddings, and births. However, Keith + Lauren showed that love throughout their entire adventure session. You could really see their partnership and how much they supported and appreciated one another. Check out their hiking session at Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Let me tell you, Keith is wild. The stories he told about his life actually made my draw drop. Something that was really beautiful about this was that I could tell that Lauren is his “ride or die”. She lets him be free to be his true self. Keith also showed how much he loves and cares for Lauren for all that she is. They are an incredible match for each other. The great thing about hiking adventure sessions is that you also have time to talk, which means Michael and I got to know this couple and hear all about their life. I love getting to hear a couple’s story, because then I can see where their love and emotion for one another is rooted. Keith and Lauren, they have strong roots.

They also helped their son develop a clothing line at nine years old. Keith drew the artwork for the clothing. You can check it out here! As a Marine Veteran family, they have very strong values and morals that they are passing on. They also have some crazy stories and a few near death experiences, but those stories aren’t mine to tell 😉. Check out more of their adventure session below!

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Rocky Mountain Adventure Session

  1. angela says:

    Beautifully captured couple. Love the emotion, colors and scenery. Nice work!

  2. Mariah Wall says:

    They seem like a riot, I really enjoy photographing couples like this as well. The relationship and emotion is so palpable and it shines through in every image. Also, their son created a clothing line at 9!? The whole team just embodies grit! Great work!

  3. Kristen says:

    Love the variety you got! They look so at ease with you and in love! Great job

  4. This adventure session is absolutely stunning! I’ve been wanting to get back to Colorado for so long and this post has me wanting to move that trip wayyyy up on the list!

  5. Kelly Shoul says:

    this rocky mountain national park adventure session is super good! I love the bits of snow on the mountain in the background. great job! love the tones.

  6. Dionne Kraus says:

    Looks like such a fun time at an awesome location! How cool is it that you can offer suggestions for such beautiful location spots to your clients! Gorgeous work.

  7. Marla says:

    What a beautiful series! Their love shines through.

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