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We are SO excited to learn and grow with you!

We offer mentorships and one-on-ones for photography, videography, and all of the business shenanigans in between. 

This time is fully catered to you and what you want to learn. We can cover beginner topics like how to work your camera, all the way to professional topics like marketing strategy and client relations. For extended mentorships, we will begin with a personality assessment that will allow us to teach you in a way that you will learn best. We aren't about to teach visually to an auditory learner, and if you're someone who needs lots of snack breaks, we can roll with that. We are here to help you. 

Check out what we offer, then reach out. We can't wait to walk this journey with you. 

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Over the phone or via video chat. This hour is catered to you and your questions! I will cover topics like running a business, marketing, photography tips if you are struggling, and anything else you would like to chat about! 


Mentorships allow you to learn in a personalized setting where the content is customized to you. We will both bring everything to the table. I can guide you in business structure, marketing, editing, session flow, camera basics, and anything else that YOU want to learn. 

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We'll be in touch within 24 hours. We  can't wait to connect with you, and we are so pumped at the opportunity to work together!

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